Our membership fees for new and current members are as follows:

Application Fee
  • $40 (non-refundable, one time fee for new members applying to the pool)

Membership Bond

  • $525 (due within 10 days of membership acceptance with 2 options of payment)
    • Option 1:  Simply pay us the whole bond cost.  This will make you a fully bonded member right away.  You’ll get a bond certificate which makes you a part-owner of the club, and will be entitled to a refund of your bond payment upon leaving the club (subject to tendering requirements).  Next year, you will only owe your annual dues, as the bond payment is a one-time payment.  This is the usual and historical way of joining BFSC!  For example, you want to join the club as a standard family, you pay $675 + $525 = $1,200.
    • Option 2:  Only pay 1/3 of the bond payment each of the next three years ($175 in years one, two, and three).  This will make you a non-bonded member right away, but you won’t get your bond certificate (and hence you won’t become a part owner of the club) until after you have completed the bond-payment schedule.  At that point, you will get your certificate and bonded member (owner) of the club.  If you leave the pool prior to completing your bond payment schedule, you will not be entitled to a refund of any partial bond payments already made.  In year four and in succeeding years, you will only be responsible for paying the annual dues.  This is a new option we created to lessen the initial financial burden on new members of paying the bond and dues all at once!  For example, you want to join the club as a standard family, you pay $675 + $175 = $850 in years one, two, and three.

2020 Annual Dues

One of the following membership plans (tax is already included):

  • $675.00 Standard Family
  • $564.00 Family with senior discount
  • $610.00 Reduced membership (households of 2 or less)
  • $498.00 Reduced membership with senior discount

Work Bond

  • $50 (credited to account if requirements met) [waived for new members for the 2020 season]

If you are interested in applying, please start off by following the steps below.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Membership Chairperson, Dana Schneider, via our contact form.

Need more information about our pool… download our info sheet!

BFSC Info Sheet