Dues – Offered Season Long Guest Pass – Senior

This agreement establishes a mutual understanding between the Ben Franklin Swim Club and the applicant listed below.  Ben Franklin’s charter limits the total number of ‘bonded’ members to 250.  These are ‘bought’ by applicants on a first-come-first-served basis.  This year, all 250 bonds are already purchased.  However, this year Ben Franklin is also enabling a limited number of ‘wait list’ families – also first-come-first-serve – to gain full access to our swim club by purchasing a Season Long Guest Pass.  The purchase price of a Season Long Guest Pass is the same as those dues that the applicant family would pay if becoming a full member.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase a Season Long Guest Pass this season.

The family holding a Season Long Guest Pass has access to the club, pool, and all its day to day amenities and features and benefits as does any full bonded member.  The most notable difference between a full bonded membership and a Season Long Guest Pass holder is voting.  Season Long Guest Pass holders are not entitled to vote in board elections or other special board-called votes (very rare).  Season Long Guest Pass holders are not considered club owners as are full bonded members.

In succeeding years (usually only one year), bonded memberships will become available as full members decide to leave the Ben Franklin Swim Club and ‘tender’ their bond.  These bonds will be offered to applicant families on the wait list (including those who have chosen to purchase Season Long Guest Passes) on a first-come-first-served basis.  Once a full bonded membership is offered to your family, you will not be offered a Season Long Guest Pass again.  You will only have the option to join Ben Franklin Swim Club as a full member (including payment of the bond purchase price + yearly dues), or defer membership for one year.  If you defer, you will not be able to purchase a Season Long Guest Pass and will not have access to the club.

By making payment, you are acknowledging the above policies and agree to pay the price of $579 for a Season Long Guest Pass corresponding to a Senior Membership.  Subject to availability, Ben Franklin Swim Club hopes to be able to offer you a full bonded membership for next year’s swim season.