If you intend to tender your membership with the swim club, you need to submit your original bond and a letter stating your desire to tender to the pool PO Box.

If you cannot locate your original bond, please contact us and request an affidavit that you will then have notarized and return in place of the actual bond.

While appreciated, a phone call alone will not formally tender your  bond membership.  Your tender will be effective the date it is received by the Membership Chairperson.  To avoid Tender Penalties, please consult the schedule of tender dates and fees:

  • Bonds tendered by March 15th: no late fee
  • Bonds tendered 3/16 to 3/31: $50 late fee
  • Bonds tendered 4/1 to 4/15: $200 late fee
  • Bonds tendered after 4/15: bond is forfeited, no refund given

PLEASE NOTE: Upon tending your bond, all members have the right to request to be placed on the ‘priority waiting list’ for up to two seasons.  In order to be enrolled on the waiting list, your request must be received in writing, along with your original bond or affidavit to the Membership Chairperson care of the Swim Club PO Box.  Due to the tax season, bonds will generally be sent out sometime after April 15th.