What is a Work Bond?

The work bond is an additional $50.00 bond that is due by March 15th along with the membership dues every season.  You will receive a credit back on your account in exchange for your time at any of the volunteer opportunities that will be made available.

Please note that the Work Bond requirement has been waived for all new members during their first season.

We already pay season dues, and we bought a BFSC bond so why do we need to pay a Work Bond?

We do not pay a management company to take care of opening and closing the pool.  This is one of the ways we manage to keep our season dues low, and after 50 years we’re still the best bargain in town!  But this means we do need some of your time to help with the numerous tasks required for a timely opening and closing of the club.  The club also needs help at the various social events held throughout the season.  All of these events are heavily dependent upon member volunteerism and We Need Your Help!

Work bonds were instituted to incentivize all members of BFSC to volunteer as an effort to address the low participation rate (<5%) in the years before we put the work bond in place.  As an added benefit you get to meet and chat with other members you might not otherwise know!

How can we satisfy the Work Bond requirement?

We just ask that one person per family bond volunteer for one task for the whole season.  That’s it, just once during the whole season!  Of course we won’t turn you away if you’d like to help out more than once!

I volunteered.  How can I get my Work Bond refund check?

You’ll get a $50.00 credit on your account after you volunteer.  Please make sure you check in for your event so the board members can ensure your credit is issued to you.